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co-create a community rooted in love with us!

We are fundraising to purchase vacant land where The Bible Way Baptist Church once stood before tragically burning down in 2019. Located across the street from our current campus, we want to continue the legacy of serving our community by scaling the One Art model and inviting as many voices as possible to be heard in the expansion process. Our vision is to co-create a community rooted in love and for the Coasis to be a catalyst for empowerment rather than displacement. 


 We are engaging community members in visioning workshops to strengthen our model. We are gathering technical experts to support us in making this vision a reality! We will be documenting our journey to produce a toolkit for others worldwide to build with us.


join our insightful ascent:
we're climbing
mt. kilimanjaro!

Carlos Aponte, Malaika Gilpin (Co-Founder or One Art), and Keith Baldwin will climb Mount Kilimanjaro in January 2025. Join us in our fundraising efforts, in an 8-day transformative journey up Mount Kilimanjaro’s Lemosho Route. We will climb with Kili Treks Tanzania to immerse in nature’s beauty, from rainforests to glaciers, finding enlightenment through each step. 

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