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STEP is our youth leaders initiative to inspire and equip the next generation with valuable skills, information, and hands-on experiences that will aide them on their journey to becoming environmentally conscious, creatively expressive, and overall grounded 

community leaders. We facilitate and partner with aligned organizations to offer accessible opportunities to connect, heal, and learn.

Our hope is to plant seeds of knowledge in young people, cultivate their leadership, and grow well-rounded holistic teachers who then will become positive leaders in the community and world.

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Rock to the Future supports positive youth development and economic empowerment through free, student-driven music programs for Philadelphia youth. They serve hundreds of students annually in-school, after school, and during the summer in schools, community locations, and juvenile justice facilities. They envision that all youth in Philadelphia will have access to the life-changing benefits of our transformative music programs.

Big Picture Alliance empowers youth to define their own narrative through filmmaking and digital media. Digital media programs, independent filmmaking, and industry apprenticeships provide youth ages 12-21 the tools to represent themselves and the skills to succeed in school, life and career. They aim to uplift and amplify underrepresented voices and build an inclusive creative community that plays a vital role in Philadelphia and beyond.

We Love Philly provides holistic transformative education to underserved youth by providing students autonomy through positive community experiences and the learning of essential professional skills. We Love Philly teaches students how to navigate complex emotional stressors, connects students with local entrepreneurs and business owners to gain expertise, and helps students to create their own brand.

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